Wonderful experience
Everyone was so helpful
I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family
Everyone took the time needed to explain the entire process and worked diligently to ensure my needs were met.
– Brenda S.

From start to finish, Jay and Pam made the entire experience pleasant and easy. The level of comfort and trust that we were in good hands was established right away. Pam stayed one step ahead of the process, always keeping us informed of where we stood and what we needed to prepare for next. We really cannot express enough how professional and efficient this team is!
– Katie & Ray Z.

Buying a home is an intense ordeal. We wouldn’t do it again without the assistance of Jay Mitchell and his whole team. Pam surmik was instrumental in keeping me sane and calm throughout the whole process. Her easy going manner and friendliness make you feel like you’ve made a new friend for life.
– Kristyn M.

Jay and his team helped me refinance to take advantage of the low rates. With Jay’ lead, we refinanced in less than 30 days and started saving over $200 a month. I questioned whether it was going to be worth it but Jay gave me a couple of scenarios and voila! we were done… Thanks, Jay!!
– John A.